With CyberArk’s Privileged Access Security Solution, you can meet your compliance requirements and reduce your security risk without introducing additional operational complexity.


The CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution addresses a wide range of use cases to secure privileged credentials and secrets wherever they exist: on-premises, in the cloud, and anywhere in between.

Core Privileged Access Security

Continuously discover and manage privileged accounts and credentials, record and monitor privileged sessions and remediate risky activities across on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments. Enable least privilege on both Windows and *NIX servers and detect and mitigate threats on domain controllers. The API-first approach enables full task automation and enhances functionality.


Enable secure remote vendor access to the most sensitive IT assets managed by CyberArk, without the need for VPNs, agents or passwords. Alero combines Zero Trust access, biometric multi-factor authentication, just-in-time provisioning and visibility into one single SaaS solution for providing remote vendors secure access to the CyberArk Core Privilege Access Security Solution.

Application Access Manager

Control, manage and audit non-human privileged access for applications, including commercial off-the-shelf, in-house developed applications and applications developed using DevOps tools and methodologies — across on premises, hybrid, cloud and containerized environments.

Endpoint Privilege Manager

Enforce least privilege, control applications, and prevent credential theft on Windows and Mac desktops and Windows servers to contain attacks and stop lateral movement.

Cyberark Privilege Cloud

Satisfy fundamental privileged access security requirements by utilizing CyberArk’s expertise to manage the underlying infrastructure. With CyberArk Privilege Cloud, organizations can empower security and IT operations to focus on high-level tasks critical to the organization’s security posture.